12 Giraffes Of Christmas

As in years past, Cynthia’s family sends us a few boxes of Christmas presents via the US Postal Service. It’s always nice to have them to open on Christmas day since we usually just celebrate with the two of us.

This year there was the expected assortment of wrapped gifts from Cynthia’s mother and some of her sisters.

There was also included an unusual set of numbered gifts from her sister Patricia in Florida. These came with a note indicating to open these IN ORDER. There were 12 in all and we puzzled over them a bit before putting them under the tree.

This morning we got up and had breakfast and then proceeded to exchange gifts and open up the presents from Cynthia’s family. We decided the gifts with the special instructions should go first.

Cynthia opened the first one and looked at it and I exclaimed “It’s a giraffe in a pear tree!!!”

It was a hand-made Christmas ornament of a giraffe climbing a pear tree. With 11 more to unwrap, we knew where this was heading. Yup, the 12 Giraffes Of Christmas. Each one hand-made by Patricia and representing a play on the 12 Days Of Christmas. And they’re all ornaments for Cynthia giraffe tree which will now have to be a full sized tree next year.

My favorites are the “calling birds” giraffe dressed in hunting gear with an orange lined hat and a bird call, the “maids-a-milking” giraffe dressed as a cow with a little cow-bell on his neck and the “French Hens” giraffe, replete with beret, baggett and bottle of wine that says “Chateau Giraffe 2007” on the label.

Click on any of the images below to see a more detailed shot.