Today we drove from Bergen to Sogndal. Along the way we went to Flåm to take the Flåmsbansa train to Myrdal. Before getting to Flåm we took a detour to drive the Stalheimskleiva Road which features 13 hairpin turns and two waterfalls. After Flåm we avoided the tunnel and crossed the mountains via the Aurlandsfjellet where we encountered free roaming sheep and a view of the Aurland Fjord from the Stegastein Viewpoint. Last stop before arriving in Sogndal was the Borgund Stave Church
All in all, a great day. Tomorrow we drive toward Geiranger to see glaciers and take the Geiranger Ferry to our hotel.

Flam Train

Somewhere near Flam, Norway




Stegastein Viewpoint

Borgund Stave Church

Norway – Day 5 – Bergen to Sogndal

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