Just a quick update to document the first day of our trip to London.

It has been a rather odd, disjointed journey just getting here. No real major breakdowns, but some bizarre missteps.

First was getting dropped at the wrong terminal by the Parking Spot shuttle. We quickly sorted it out and proceeded to take the tram to the correct terminal, but not before getting off one time at the wrong stop.

Once we got to the correct terminal I discovered that my suitcase was 8 pounds over the limit which would have resulted in a $200 baggage fee. We quickly shifted some of our belongings and got both bags under the limit by increasing the weight on Cynthia’s suitcase.

We got checked in and proceeded to go through security. In the mad dash to shuffle belongings I got my shaving cream into my carry on where it was immediately confiscated because terrorism.

After clearing security we found our gate. We still had plenty of time so we went and got some dinner.

After dinner we went back to the gate and waited to board our plane. Unfortunately there was a delay because the plane at the gate which was destined for Frankfurt was having some problems and had not cleared the gate. This delayed our boarding by about 45 minutes.

Once airborne things smoothed out and we arrived in London on time, cleared customs and claimed our luggage.

We made our way to the hotel and checked in. It’s a nice hotel and we are going to be quite happy using it as our base of operations for the next two weeks.

Once we were settled into the hotel we made our way to a Vodafone store to purchase a SIM card for my phone and then to the grocery store to pick up some supplies like water, snacks and so forth.

With that out of the way we went to a nearby gastro pub and had dinner which was actually kind of lunch because it was only about 3:00 PM.

The sun went down at 4:30 and even though right now it is only 5:30 it seems like it is much later in the evening.

We’re tired and we’re going to bed, even though that means we will likely be up at the crack of dawn.

Arrival in London

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