Weather forecasts all week predicted snow for Friday, Dec 4th and sure enough, we had several inches of snow. I was fortunate enough to have the day off and Cynthia got to come home early. We took advantage of this rare weather phenomenon. We simply don’t see this much snow in Houston EVER. It snowed last year, but not much and it snowed on Christmas Eve in 2004 but it didn’t stick. The last time I saw snow like this in Houston was in the 60’s.

Of course the sun was out the next day and the temperatures are expected to be back up in the 70’s before mid-week.

Our neighbors demonstrate their sense of humor about the fickle weather here in H-Town:

Additional photos are here

Snow Day 2009

2 thoughts on “Snow Day 2009

  • March 14, 2010 at 1:05 am

    Hi Cindi,

    Haven’t seen you in ages but you’re looking great. Hope you’re feeling as well. Kim just sent me the URL to Jay’s site. You’ve very probably seen the protest on global warming at:

    I recall you once liked Italian food and note that you still do some of those dishes. There is a fabulous Italian restaurant named Via Emelia’s in a strip center on FM 1960 at Falling Creek very near me. Kim and I just dined there tonight in “recognition” (not celebration) of her upcoming birthday. A family named Orioli, from Italy via Venezuela, owns the restaurant. “Mamma” runs the kitchen, Carlos, her son is the owner/ manager and Enrique, his son, is one of the waiters. Enrique’s wife, Laura, was a waitress but “retired” to give birth to a son in February.

    They have an extensive wine selection, not all listed, but they do run on the expensive side. As a heavy smoker I can’t tell a fine chateau wine from Gallo…even at a wine tasting. Both Kim and Marilyn love some of the St. Julian wines from Paw Paw Michigan and load up when they visit. They don’t ship to Texas.

    Uncle Dee

  • August 7, 2011 at 1:10 pm

    Hello from a complete stranger and wandering image googler. Fortunate for me that I did not hit the back button after viewing your photos of Jackson Browne. I’ve added your site to my favorites, confessing that doing so feels like a free subscription to your world of imagery. Thank you, or forgive me, as the case may be. I have, admittedly, saved one of your photos of Jackson for the private use of my desktop background. Many of your images however will remain in the privacy of my heart – my own little treasured space for this fragile world of beauty we all share. Thanks for that reminder.

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