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Cynthia and I have booked the flight and the hotel for a week in Copenhagen. Should be very interesting around Christmas time. Much like our trip to Brussels last year it’s going to be cold. Average temperatures don’t tend to exceed 40° on any given day. There are only about 7-8 hours of daylight with the sun coming up around 8:30am and setting around 3:45 in the afternoon. Even then, the average amount of actual sunlight on any given day in December is about 1 hour total. So lots of gloomy gray skies.

In the above map you’ll notice the Oresund Bridge which is half bridge, half tunnel and runs across the Öresund strait, connecting Copenhagen in Denmark with Malmö in Sweden. That means we’ll be taking a day trip to Sweden, so this trip will involve two countries!

If you’ve been to Copenhagen and have any advice, please post it in the comments section!


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  • October 5, 2009 at 7:09 am

    Whoa… what a coincidink. Eric and I are heading to Copenhagen tomorrow! It’s going to be wonderful, wonderful!

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