Cynthia’s 94 Mazda Miata (“Rudy”) is off to the shop. The check engine light came on and the mechanic at the dealership quoted a repair price that’s more than the car is worth. We consulted with our good friend and fellow Miata owner Jim Henkel and he gave us the name of his mechanic in The Heights so we’re shipping Rudy off to see if we can get a better price on the repair.

The car only has 76,000 original miles on it, so we’re hopeful we can get something done. The main issue is that a squirrel (hopefully not a rat) has chewed through some of the wiring and that causes an electrical problem which apparently destroyed one of the onboard computer components. The dealer can only replace with a refurb and they’re pricey. Hopefully something more affordable can be obtained from a salvage yard.

God speed, Rudy!

Rudy’s Big Adventure

One thought on “Rudy’s Big Adventure

  • January 23, 2009 at 4:26 pm

    Good Luck! I have a 94 Honda Civic and the check engine light stays on, other than that it runs OK. It doesn’t look as good as Cynthia’s though, hubby says I should wash and wax it once in awhile. meh

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