I was stopped no less than 4 times by readers of this blog as I was out and about and asked about the foundation repair and for a wrap up of events. I didn’t think anyone was all that interested, and I certainly did not mean leave you all in a lurch.

I am happy to say the work was completed the same day and all is well. Our home is whole and intact. Yay!

They cleaned up everything and you can hardly tell they were here at all. Here are a few parting shots of the work in progress which will give you an idea of why we might have been concerned regarding that point.

Olshan did a fine job. The house is level level level. They hauled away all the equipment, filled all the holes, replaced the displaced landscaping and poured fresh concrete on the driveway and the front porch. The doors close easily and the cracks in the dining room, the TV room and the outside wall have all closed up as the house was jacked back up into its original position.

The birds are recovering from their trauma and this will be forgotten as we pile on the treats and scritchums to make up for them having to go through this.

House Is Level

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