Flickr uses a software algorithm/program that ranks the thousands and thousand of images uploaded each day based on something they call “interestingness” and then places the top 500 on their Explore page each day.

Nobody can say with any certainty what makes a picture “interesting” or how the algorithm works, exactly, but for sure Explore is a GREAT way to check out some of the better pictures uploaded to Flickr on any given day.

Even better is finding that some of your own pictures have made it to the Explore page.

1. Fake Miniature Car Show, 2. The Astrodome, 3. Minding The Store, 4. Vanishing Point

If you use Flickr to host your own images and would like to see if any of your pictures are now or ever have been on the Explore page you can use this tool at Big Huge Labs to find out.

Flickr Explore

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