We woke up this morning and decided that we would catch the #17 bus from Plaça de Catalunya out to catch the aerial tramway (cable-car) from Torre Sant Sebastia to Montjuïc.

This is Torre Sant Sebastia

255+ feet of steel latticework form the starting point of the cable car ride up to Montjuïc. It passes via Torre Jaume I which is 351 feet high.

While we were waiting in line to purchase our tickets I looked up and noticed this sign

I wonder what the service schedule is for this thing…for that matter, I wonder what the service LIFE is for something like this.

After we purchased our tickets we were whisked in a coffin like elevator up to the observation platform where we waited to board our cable car, along with about 15 other passengers.

It truly an amazing device. Like the one at the now defunct Astroworld back in the day, but obviously on a much larger scale.

Cynthia was a bit apprehensive but was brave. We boarded our gondola and were soon on our way. The view from up there was absolutely breathtaking

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Once you reach Montjuïc there are places you can easily walk to that have amazing panoramic views of Barcelona. There is also a much more modern cable car system called the Teleferic de Montjuic which takes you on up to Montjuïc Castle

Cynthia seemed much more confident with the Teleferic

It’s pretty cool. You buy a ticket and just board an empty car and ride up. I would guess it’s sort of like an enclosed ski lift if I had ever actually been on one in my life, which I haven’t.

The views from this one were equally spectacular

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Before long we were strolling along the walls of the old castle, enjoying 360 degrees of fantastic views of Barcelona.

Cable Cars
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  • October 18, 2007 at 5:00 pm

    The duty-cycle of that tramway is probably 15-passengers per annum, you got a problem with that?

    Great photos!

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