Today is the extra day we picked up in Seville due to cancelling the Granada leg of the tour. This meant we had to check out of the one hotel and into the backup hotel for one day.

We’re going to miss the La Musica Hotel with it’s classical music theme. Violins and cellos adorn the walls as does old sheet music and paintings of musicians. There’s even a soundproof room with a piano in it if you are so inclined.

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The bed was the most comfortable we have experienced in all of our travel. The towels were big and fluffy and the staff was friendly and attentive.

The best feature was the rooftop terrace where we enjoyed our continental breakfast each morning, overlooking the rooftops of this amazing little city.

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The woman who processed our checkout of La Musica was very nice and complimented Cynthia on her Spanish several times. They chatted for awhile and before we left she presented Cynthia with a little souvenir, a small hand fan for which Seville is famous for. It’s hand painted and has the name of the hotel on it and it’s very nice.

Fortunately the backup hotel is only a block away so we got checked in in short order. Having re-arranged our schedule we had no solid plans for the day so we just strolled around the city. It’s a little warmer today. It got up in the mid 80’s and the sun just blazes in the clear blue sky.

We found our way to The Plaza de EspaƱa and took some pictures…

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Tomorrow it’s a 3 1/2 hour train ride to Granada. This is the part of the vacation where we wind down for a few days and take it easy before jumping into the hustle and bustle of Barcelona.

Seville – Last Day
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3 thoughts on “Seville – Last Day

  • October 10, 2007 at 7:40 pm

    Ok, this tears it. Seville has jumped way up my list to places that I want to visit. The architecture is breath taking and how could I not stay in a MUSIC hotel!

  • October 11, 2007 at 8:29 am

    Love that checkerboard courtyard thing! Great angle on that shot of the courtyard!

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