Today we day-tripped to Córdoba to see the Mezquita which was, at one time, the second-largest mosque in the world. Construction of the mosque started in 784 A.D. and was reconsecrated a Christian church in 1236.

It’s a magnificent sight to see and well worth the 45 minutes it takes to ride the AVE train from Seville.

After wandering around outside for a bit we purchased our tickets for admission and went inside. You should see this place with the marble floors and the amazing arches…

It’s amazing that the Christian’s preserved so much of the original mosque. Of course they had to change it up a bit and put a Christian altar smack dab in the middle of it along with various other ornamentation, but they kept the original Mihrab which once contained an original copy of the Koran and relics of the prophet Mohammad (an arm bone)

It was indeed a wonderful place to visit. Sadly, there’s not much else to see in Córdoba. It’s kind of a one-trick-pony kind of town, but if you’re in the neighborhood (Seville) there’s really no excuse for not making the effort to get over there and see the Mezquita.

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