We have been working on teaching Dooley to say
Dooley’s a bad bird, Dooley’s in biiiiiiiiiiiig trouble

The emphasis has been on the word “big” which
we pronounce “beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeg”

Dooley has mastered the first part. Previously he’s been able
to say his name and “I’m a bad bad birdy” so it’s come
pretty easy. Also, he’s nailed “beeeeeeeeeeeg” and loves
that word.

The part he’s struggling with is the word “trouble

When this happens he uses other words he already knows in
an effort to figure out how to say the new word.

This has resulted in the following:

Beeeeeeeeeeeeeg Cynthia!
Beeeeeeeeeeeeeg Zippers!
Tickle the beeeeeeeeeeeeeeg bad birdy!
I’m a beeeeeeeeeeeeeg bird”
Beeeeeeeeeeeeeg …. BUB!
Jingle bad beeeeeeeeeeeeeeg!

Al lthis and endless repetitions of
Beeeeeeg! Beeeeeeg! Beeeeeeg! Beeeeeeg!

He’ll get there. I just heard something that sounded like
the word “trouble” … it’s just a matter of time.

In other Dooley news there’s been a development
that’s not so pleasant.

Dooley is prone to a repetitive hooting when we leave the room
where his cage resides. It can sometimes get very insistent and
is quickly very irritating. The only remedy is to either go back in
the room or cover his cage.

Over the last few mornings there has been a hooting sound that
is just like Dooley’s but comes from the tree in the front yard. It
seems that there’s a mockingbird who loves that sound and has
been hooting on several mornings over the past few weeks.
The problem is that nothing shuts up the bird in the front yard.
Fortunately he’s only been going off in the morning as we are
headed to work.

Dooley News
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One thought on “Dooley News

  • August 14, 2007 at 7:09 pm

    A shotgun would shut that mockingbird up real quick.

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