Got a photo credit in The Houston Press this week. Not for any of the mazillion photos I’ve been taking lately, oh no. This is a picture of Bill Hicks I shot on my old film camera over 20 years ago at the Comix Annex when he was doing stand up there…

The article is called Funny Business and is available online if you don’t have access to the actual paper. The online photo credit is quite readable but the actual print version you have to practically squint until your eyeballs pop to be able to see the light gold text running along the side border of the photograph that says “Photo courtesy of Jay Lee.”

Still, I’m pretty stoked…and glad I held on to those old pics from my first run at photography.

The rest of the Bill Hicks shots are available in my gallery.

Hicks pics
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One thought on “Hicks pics

  • May 31, 2007 at 10:19 am

    This is very much like my first web-published piece. It was an old photo I show with one of the first Casio digital cameras back in ’96-97. I put the photo up on flickr for nostalgia reasons mainly and lo and behold, it was published to Crazy!

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