Obviously, this story shines the unforgiving light of truth on a very harsh reality, the reality that our understanding regarding the true nature and danger of space travel is extremely limited.

All indications are that NASA has a very strenuous and thorough psych screening and evaluation process in place for our astronauts. They just don’t let anyone at the controls of millions of tax dollars worth of sophisticated space gear.

We must assume that Lisa Nowak has returned to earth completely saturated in cosmic crazy dust, otherwise how can you explain the fact that she drove to Orlando, Florida from Houston, Texas (in an adult diaper to save time no less) to confront the perceived rival for the intergalactic affections of one Bill Oefelein equipped with a knife, pellet pistol, can of pepper spray, steel mallet and 4 feet of rubber tubing?

One thing is certainly clear. Nowak does not belong behind bars. She needs to be taken, and taken quickly, to one of our most sophisticated scientific laboratories to be studied and examined. We have an obligation to make sure she has not infected any other Earthlings with what could possibly be the most horrific space plague ever to threaten the human race!

Space madness

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