Cynthia has decided to torment the C.T.O. (chief technology officer) at her place of employment. A gentleman by the name of Dan Digregorio.

For whatever reason, Cynthia decided that he needed a challenge so she decided to fashion 30 or so “viruses” out of some very basic components including a small pom-pom, some googly eyes, felt feet and twist ties and place them in his office at work before he came in.

Digregorius Pestis

She even named the virus Digregorious Pestis.

When Dan came to work and found his office “infected” with Digregorious Pestis he immediately suspected Cynthia and called her to confront her. She explained that she had no access to the I.T. floor as it was restricted and played innocent. Apparently he tried to gather all the viruse up but continued to find them throughout the day.

Cynthia never admitted to the prank.

Fast forward a few days.

Cynthia fashioned another couple of dozen viruses and again snuck into Dan’s office (a co-worker/co-conspirator gave her access to the restricted floor) and placed them all around. She noticed while she was there that he had all the previous viruses on a shelf but was missing a few which would indicate he had not found them all.

This time she placed a few on his desk and set about to hide the rest and included a poem she had written to accompany them which read:

I am just a little virus,
Often underestimated.
Even though I am quite small
I am often feared and hated.
When you think that I am gone
I am NOT eradicated!
I am busy multiplying
and MORE virus is created!

Digregorius Pestis

There has been no response from Dan to the latest infestation. I can only assume he is plotting revenge.


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