Saturday the weather was being quite cooperative so we made and excursion the Houston Zoological Gardens.

Although we had recently been to the zoo for Cynthia’s snake encounter, we did not really see much else as it was VERY hot and, as a result, not conducive to hanging around for anything outside of the air-conditioned reptile house. This meant that I still “owed” Cynthia a trip.

I really like some of the recent changes/additions, especially the Meerkat exhibit.

Meerkat Meerkat
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It was fun watching these guys. At one point they all dived for cover as a sparrow swooped into the enclosure. I guess they thought it was a hawk. That probably explains the look on one their faces as it contemplated a helicopter that was slowly flying over the zoo.

Houston Zoo

One thought on “Houston Zoo

  • October 9, 2006 at 5:44 pm

    Them’s some cute little debils!

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