Cynthia has always been partially defined by her absolute terror when it comes to spiders. If one was spotted her skin would literally crawl. She could, in some instances, start to hyperventilate.

Something has changed.

Cynthia has taken a great deal of interest in the spider I posted previously.

So much interest, in fact, that we have researched it and found it to be a Venusta Orchard Spider. Cynthia has become rather fond of this little fellow and named him Señor Ocho.

This is actually quite mind boggling. And it gets better.

The other day she went into the front yard to check on Señor Ocho and discovered his web was apparently abandoned. She was actually kinda sad he was gone. As we scanned the area to see if Señor Ocho was anywhere to be found we noticed another web with some striking characteristics. It was also empty but the new web really fascinated Cynthia.

We went inside for awhile. Before the sun set Cynthia took one last look around the yard and, to her delight, spotted Señor Ocho smack dab in the middle of his web where he belonged.

She also noticed that the other web was now inhabited…

This fella is significantly bigger than Señor Ocho and actually kinda creeps me out. But Cynthia got real interested and we did some research on the guy and discovered he was of the genus Argiope. Specifically Argiope aurantia. An orb weaving spider more commonly known as the black-and-yellow argiope or the black-and-yellow garden spider.

Cynthia has named him Ziggy.

Borris Ziggy the spider

One thought on “Borris Ziggy the spider

  • August 17, 2006 at 6:19 am

    One of these big beauties built a web outside our house many years ago, and for several weeks it was a family project to go out every day and check on him.

    Just a few weeks ago we found an agriope had built a web at the barn where we keep our horse. He’s got a huge wingspan and yeah, he’s kind of scary.

    Glad to know I’m not the only geek fascinated by these critters.

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