The happy couple

Cynthia and I celebrated our anniversary over dinner and drinks at Sambuca Jazz Cafe in the heart of downtown.

I have had a few opportunities to visit Sambuca and have always been very pleased.

On this night we enjoyed our respective adult beverages of choice, gin and tonics for her and vodka martinis for me. They were mmmmmmmm tasty!

Our meals were indulgent and decadent. I enjoyed a lovely dinner of rare lamb chops with garlic mashed potatos and asparagus while Cynthia savored some lovely veal served with mixed vegetables.

We had mentioned to our abundantly attentive and wonderful waiter that we were celebrating our 13th anniversary and when desert arrived it had a personalized message written in chocolate…

Lucky 13

It was a lovely evening of delicious food combined with delightfully intoxicated reminiscences punctuated with laughter and a real sense of joy that is the result of spending so much of ones life with such a suitable and compatible partner.

An ebullient evening
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2 thoughts on “An ebullient evening

  • July 30, 2006 at 1:52 am

    It takes a saucy woman to drink gin and tonics! Gin only accounts for 7% of alcohol sales at bars and restaurants. Most people don’t have the pallate for it. And she won’t get malaria tonight either!

    Careful, though Jay, you don’t want to make that “other bird” jealous!

    Sweet post, Jay. One day I will find someone who I will treasure and find as lovely. I am inspired to see you and Cynthia so content. Someday I should meet her! I’ll be in town in mid-August for the weekend of the 15th (I have no idea which day that is, but whatever weekend it’s close to, thats when I’m in town)

    ta ta.

  • July 30, 2006 at 10:15 pm

    I’ve always found 13 to be a lucky number too. Congrats.

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