I was actually rooting for France until Zinedine Zidane (aka Zizou) let loose with one of the most un-sportsmanlike acts I have ever seen in a professional sporting event. I have tried and tried to like the French, honestly I have. But they always manage to demonstrate the most unlikeable behavior.

On the plus side, last nights antics have made for a wealth of humorous animations.

This is my favorite:

I’m still trying to imagine the post game interview

[Sports program interviewer] How could this happen? Did you not take into consideration that your actions would cost you, your teammates and your countrymen a chance to take home the World Cup trophy? The single most prestigious trophy in sports today?

[Zidane (in very thick French accent)] I cannot help it! I am French! Vive le asshole! (smacks cameraman with a running shoe).


This is a close second on the animations:

And thanks to Bill Shirley for this link.

World Cup loser

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