It’s distresssing to me to consider how foolish we, as Americans, look in the eyes of the world. How willing we must appear to be to give up our rights, our freedoms, our dignity.

At times we must truly resemble a nation of inbred hicks.

Senate to save Bush’s bacon on illegal wiretaps

The House is a prole outfit that hasn’t got the imagination to worry about what these executive powers will mean in a couple of years, when the President and Mr. Clinton occupy the White House, and Democrats control Congress. They are foolishly fixated on letting their redneck boy king, whose handling of national security and public safety has already resulted in the loss of an American city, get away with anything he pleases to do – because, hey, terrorism.

The Register – On G.W. Bush and wiretaps

One thought on “The Register – On G.W. Bush and wiretaps

  • March 8, 2006 at 9:36 pm

    Not sure it’s a far off assessment either.. only inbred hicks would look at Tom Delay and vote him to represent the republican party in his district by 64%. But these are the morons who are behind the republicans now. And it’s a pretty clear indicator to them all they way up, that they can do whatever they please and there will be no consequences.
    Clinton had one good scandal and they milked it for years. With the current regime we get one a week it seems, and people still think it’s all some liberal media plot.

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