Anyone who has seen my band The Flying Fish Sailors play live has probably witnessed the spectacle that is our performance of Loch Ness Monster, a song written by Greg and the title track of our 4th CD.

It’s hard to describe but it’s VERY dramatic and features Greg and myself being rather *ahem*… animated on stage. The highlight is during the chorus of Loooooooooooch Neeeeeeeesssssss Monsterrrrrrrrrr when Greg and I stand back to back and he uses his arms to form the jaws of the monster and I use mine to form the tail.

At our last performance of the festival season we had a very nice crowd of some of our more faithful and dedicated fans. On a bit of a whim I asked the audience to help us out and mimic Greg and I during the song. The result was an audience full of monsters. I could barely keep a straight face.

TRF is gone for another year

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