We’re just back from a fantastic meal at Alma De Temple and after some wonderful food and a bottle of wine I just don’t have it in me to process the images of the day (of which I have some fantastic shots) so I am just going to give you the latest on our medical situation.


We’ve both been a bit more ill than we would care to admit.

We both managed to catch whatever that funky virus is that’s currently spreading from the UK (thanks a lot, Brits!) Sore throats, lots of congestion and body aches. It has made for some restless nights and has made Cynthia quite upset.

I, being the quick healer that I am, was through the worst of it in a few days. Cynthia, on the other hand, has had a more difficult time shaking it. On top of the virus she ended up with dual eye conjunctivitis which caused her eyes to swell up and fill with mucus (blech). And to add insult to injury there’s apparently a giant pollen explosion going on here in Spain which is making it even worse for her.

We spoke to the proprietors of the hotel and they said they could call a doctor and I told them to please do so.

The doctor came to the hotel (free of charge) and diagnosed Cynthia with conjunctivitis in both eyes and faringitis and prescribed medicine for the virus and the conjunctivitis and also dispensed quite a bit of useful tips for getting over this.

A modest walk to the pharmacy and the prescriptions were filled for under 15 euro.

Cynthia took it easy today and her stress levels are way down. She’s in the best spirits she’s been in in days. I’ve got her iPad filled with a few seasons of Torchwood to keep her occupied while I went out and take photos.

Later in the afternoon Cynthia was up for some roaming around and we set out to take some photos of the Falleras and the Ofrenda. We followed that up with a trip to the City Of Arts And Sciences and then a fine dinner.

I will have more to share tomorrow after we sleep this day off.

Valencia – Day 4 (partial)

2 thoughts on “Valencia – Day 4 (partial)

  • March 19, 2013 at 10:00 am


    Lately i’ve found this blog and i started reading your latest post in Spain and watching your photos (really fantatic all of them) and i enjoyed it. I noticed that you didn’t make a post of the Day 5, i hope it’s not because your feeling bad, i hope you and Cynthia are OK.

    Wishing to hear about day 5 and your next posts :).

    Greetings from Basque Country.

    P.S. Sorry for my english ^^.

  • March 19, 2013 at 3:18 pm

    Hi Jay and Cynthia, is’nt it amazing the poor homeless people you run into on your ventures.

    Jay, glad your feeling better, and Cynthia…….take care of yourself. Get back to your jolly self soon.

    Be safe and rejoy the views. I know I am enjoying your posts.

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