I know, I know. This blog has been mostly neglected since our trip to Barcelona and Valencia for Las Fallas in 2011. I’ve been mostly on Facebook as it is a great place to consolidate. You can find me over there at facebook.com/baldheretic. I may not add you as a friend, but you are welcome to subscribe to my public updates which feature my photography and travel updates as well as the occasional funny cat picture. If I actually know you I’ll likely add you as a friend over there.

That being said, it’s time for another trip! Woo-hoo!

This time we’re back to Italy.

For those of you who have been paying attention for any length of time, you may recall that we were there in 2005 as part of our trip across Europe that included Amsterdam, Brugge, Paris, Venice, Florence and Rome.

That was our second major overseas trip and our first non-English speaking country to visit. It was also when I was just getting started in Photography so the pictures were somewhat primitive.

Three things that make this upcoming trip VERY exciting for me.

The first is the fact that we’re going to focus just on Venice, Italy and Rome. On the last trip we were pretty exhausted by the time we hit Florence and by the time we got to Rome I had lost most of my enthusiasm for the trip due to fatigue. This time around we’ll be in great shape and be able to really give Italy the full attention it deserves.

The second is that, in my humble opinion, my photography has gotten much better since that trip. I’ve picked up a few tricks and some skills since 2005 and I have always thought that, given the chance, I could do a MUCH better job than I did last time.

And the third is the food/wine component. Cynthia and I have, in the last few years, become amateur wine enthusiasts. We had some good wine in Spain and are really looking forward to trying various local wines while in Italy.

Once we are in Italy I will be updating here pretty much daily while were are on this trip, so feel free to stop by and check out select photos and anecdotes from our travels.

Italy – 2012

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