I don’t know if it’s a big deal in the US right now or not, but the Rugby World Cup has been VERY big news over here. Right now we’re in the hotel room and watching the final between England and South Africa.

Keep in mind that Cynthia and I have never watched a rugby game in our lives and the rules elude us almost completely.

As of now, I am trying to sort things out watching a game I don’t understand being described in a language I don’t speak.

Cynthia’s getting bits and pieces, but basically we’re just figuring it out on the fly…which, due to our current travel fatigue, is amusing us to no end.

If you were listening in right now you would hear things like:

“What’s the deal with the green hood-headed guy?”
“Ooooo! He looks like he’s getting squished ow ow ow!!”
“They’re just kicking it back and forth”
“The referee has knee socks to match his spiffly blue shorts”

Cynthia’s rooting for South Africa. I have thrown my lot in with England.

Rugby World Cup
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