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Mr. Zippers has a fuzzy hut in his cage. It’s where he sleeps at night. Our friend Beth was over for dinner one evening and upon seeing Mr. Zippers in his hut she exclaimed:

“Your bird lives in a pot-holder!”

Before turning out the lights for the evening, we like to make sure Mr. Zippers is in his hut so he doesn’t struggle to find his way in the dark. He seems to know it’s bed time when I say “Load the hut!” “Zippers, load the the hut you little green butt!” at which point he grumbles and then enters into the hut and then pokes his head out to give me one last squawk before bedtime.

Cynthia has been unable to get the bird to enter his hut by using this command but he does it every time for me.

Odd since Mr. Zippers hates me with a birdly passion.

Mr. Zippers in his hut

One thought on “Mr. Zippers in his hut

  • October 17, 2007 at 5:41 am

    I love the name Mr. Zippers, I can only imagine its because he has opened you up a few times with his beak, or does he make the “ZIP” sound? LOL!!!

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