These corporates sales events are chock-a-block full of information during the day and I am sure the sales staff is learning a lot. The night time is not so much about the learning as it is cutting loose a little during a work week.

Tonight was given over to letting the directors take their teams out for a big posh dinner. Since I am here in support of the event I had my choice of which team event I wanted to attend. I chose to go with the services group which contains the highest percentage of our Irish employees, most of whom are officed overseas with the exception of Owen (pictured to the right) who has moved over here. You might recall me mentioning him before.

The services team was having their dinner at Tommy Bahama’s Tropical Cafe. Overall it was a quiet affair with no one getting out of hand. After the meal some comments were made about how my blog featured a relative stranger and some lizards but failed to mention any of my co-workers. The comments were coming from one the Irish contingent who was also working in cahoots with Owen, trying to convince me to go to the bar and “have a few.” I knew this was a recipe for absolute disaster as I have to be up at 6:00 am to work the event.

I assume many of them are, even now, getting their groove on at some local drinking establishment. When they find their way back to the hotel and eventually cruise by this site I wanted to make sure there was something for them. I now present The Irish Contingent:

The photograph, not surprisingly, was taken at the hotel bar a few nights ago. They’re all stand up blokes (except for Sinead who is obviously not a bloke and should not be held responsible for the company she has to keep).

Part of me sort of regrets retiring early and missing out on the evening’s shenanigans, but it’s a small and very tired part that is about to go to sleep.

The call of the Irish

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